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André's photo.

I’m André Breia. A Portuguese developer living in France.

I'm a full-stack developer based in Lyon 🇫🇷. I'm the Tech Lead at Steadfast Collective, where we build community-focused websites and web applications.

My professional journey started in 2014, shortly after I graduated with a Computer Science and Engineering degree, in Portugal. I then moved to the UK for an internship, that turned into a full-time job, building WordPress websites for many clients. After a while, I moved on to a PHP developer role at Steadfast Collective, where we build Laravel websites and web applications using Laravel, Vuejs and TailwindCSS as the primary tech stack. In the meanwhile, I moved to France and got a new role at the company.

Even though the previously mentioned stack is my favourite, I also love learning new things, and I do, sometimes, spend some time exploring new tech or tools.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with family, spend time in nature, sports, gaming and many other things. I have recently been enjoying participating in artisan workshops to learn to make something with my own hands!